The Enneagram

One of the key studies of metaphysics is the Enneagram:  the study of nine key personality types. It is ancient knowledge which originally has been taught in the Mystery Schools.

Using clear diagrams, the enneagram shows how each of the nine personality types can understand their behaviour and patterns of thinking and feeling, as well as how to dispel the illusion created by the ego so that each person can integrate into wholeness, to lead a happier and more balanced life.

The Enneagram has been used in Mystery Schools as more than an identifying tool: the Enneagram gives us a powerful understanding of ourselves and others by showing us our habits and thinking. The ultimate goal is wholeness represented by the circle.

Which of these nine personality types do you feel applies to you?

  1. Perfectionist
  2. Helper
  3. Motivator
  4. Artist
  5. Thinker
  6. Loyalist
  7. Generalist
  8. Boss
  9. Peacemaker

Each personality type also has what are called “wings” – each personality can take on the personality of other numbers on either side of the key personality. This understanding adds another dimension to your personality.

The lines of the enneagram show us how personalities can become stressed once they become “compulsed”. This means they will exhibit the traits of their secondary personality.

The Enneagram has been studied in Mystery Schools as a key to helping others. It allows us to understand key personality traits, motivations and fears but at the same time, not to be overwhelmed by these, but instead to “integrate” to lead dynamic, mentally and emotionally adaptable lives.

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