People who do not fail are the ones that do not try!  It’s good to fail because it means you are trying.

Does spirit benefit from winning?

Success is the nature of the universe in general.  It is the nature of our spirit to manifest success.  Success is important to our spirit – success will come if you align to everything around you and make a connection to everyone you come into contact with.

If you are able to align your spirit to connect to the higher power who created everything – you will connect to success. Believe that the higher power of your mind is greater than any obstacle in your life. Believe that obstacles only have a limited time to overpower you- they can only affect you temporarily. No problem will last forever. Don’t let your mind dwell on failure or frustration.

Instead of frustration spend your thoughts tuning into your higher power. If you want to succeed, a winner does not think negatively. Winning is positive. A winning person is an active person who makes full use of their time. Winning means using time management. A winner is always moving in a positive way towards what they want to achieve.

Allow only positive thoughts to fill your mind: remember thoughts have power.  When we hold onto something emotionally, then the thoughts manifest and they become powerful.

Life created you and life can create for you that which you are ready to receive. When you create an idea then you will create your winning attitude. Put what you want into action!

Meditation will give you the power to win: by calming your thoughts and focusing on your creative mind you will be aligned to the power within.

Join our Meditation and Gaining Freedom (Metaphysics) class on Monday evenings to inspire you so you can harness the winning formula in your life.

With love, kindness and compassion,

Grandmaster Issam Kadamani

© Grandmaster Issam, International College of Meditation & Healing


Grandmaster Issam Kadamani

Grandmaster Issam Kadamani MSCD M. IMM (Aust) M. NMI (Aust) Alumni USA, Reiki & Sekhem Master, Ajna™ Grandmaster is the Principal at The International College of Meditation & Healing. His focus is to empower you so that you can live your life to the fullest, with unconditional love and joy.

For the last 35 years Grandmaster Issam has taught around the world, and is now based in Melbourne teaching courses and providing transformational healing, counselling and spiritual mentoring to people who are looking to learn a happier way of living.

The International College of Meditation & Healing is here to assist you to find yourself and to reconnect; to find genuine, real and lasting happiness.  Book for our Ajna Tibetan healing™ courses or our counselling sessions or finding freedom through metaphysics and meditation classes today. 

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