Accredited Ajna Tibetan Healing™ Practitioners

The International College of Meditation & Healing is the only training provider of Ajna Tibetan Healing™ in the world.

Our Aim

Our aim is to maintain the integrity of Ajna Tibetan Healing™ by ensuring that all Ajna™ Practitioners maintain their professional qualifications and enhance their professional standing by adhering to a Code of Conduct

Accreditation also allows clients to seek out the services of a professional Ajna™ Practitioner listed in our Directory.

Read the Code of Conduct here

Find your nearest Accredited Ajna™ Practitioner here

Benefits of Accreditation

All Accredited Ajna Tibetan Healing™ practitioners must be trained by and accredited with the International College of Meditation & Healing.

Accreditation is valid for 12 or 24 months from the 1st of January until the 31st December and must be renewed every 12 or 24 months to continue to enjoy the benefits of Accreditation.

Benefits include:

  • Listing as an Accredited Ajna Tibetan Healer™ on the ICMH website
  • Accredited Ajna™ Practitioner emblem for use on social media and marketing
  • DL marketing flyers are available at cost plus postage

Find out how to become an Accredited Ajna Tibetan Healer™ here.

Contact us here if you have any questions.

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